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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Almost American

This morning we had our appointment at the consulate. We took the immigration oath on Jack's behalf. Then we processed paperwork. Our names were the first called. Our appointment was for 8:30 and we were out before nine.
No cameras are allowed in the consulate so this is Jack in our room after the appointment was finished. He'll be an American citizen when we touch down in Detroit.

We have been begging our guide to get us to a supermarket. We've had no time. Today since we were out early, she took us to the outlet mall that has a supermarket inside. Our driver wasn't our driver for long today so we were just able to run in and pick up a few things for the plane. I would have loved to stay all day. She said the market was like the French version of Wal-Mart. There were lots of American brand names and "Factory Store" signs. I never got a chance to compare prices though. That's okay... after a trip to China, we're broke anyway.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

You may be money broke but RICH in love!!! Sweet Jack and those sweeties waiting on you at home!!! XOXO

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