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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's Happening Around Here...

I started the school year thinking about all this free time I would have.... Ummm. Free time? What is that again? Of course, what little free time I have has been spent checking Rumor Queen for travel times, talking to the travel coordinator at our agency, begging him to tell us when we'll go, obsessing about plane tickets, you know the usual back to school stuff. 

Anyway... here are a few things that have happened since my last post...

After a brief incident with Arleigh and my favorite (I really need a sarcasm font) office worker at the school, I had to have a long discussion about the implementation of a couple of school policies with the principal. Fun stuff. In an effort to make a long story short, there is a policy at the school that no one is supposed to walk or ride home with anyone else. I was totally unaware of this rule. I sent in notes all last year. I brought people home, my kids went home with other people. Apparently it's strictly forbidden. Arleigh was invited to her BFF's house with a bunch of other girls to swim Friday afternoon. I sent in a note and immediately had a phone call. I was berated for thinking I could possibly get around the rule. I apologized and said I would just pick her up as usual. This particular office worker was again contrary and border line rude but a rule is a rule. This meant, picking Arleigh up with Hanan, then driving the opposing way through all the kids walking home but I'm good with that if that's the rule. I picked her up and every other girl invited to the party was allowed to walk home with Arleigh's friend. Arleigh was upset. She felt singled out. She said the people in the office acted like they were angry with her. I thought it might have been due to the confrontation I had during registration. So the principal and I had a long conversation about the registration incident, which by the way the handbook proved that I was right and I had everything I needed to register the girls, and the walk home policies implementation. Now on to a better year... I hope. 

We had an overnight stay in Nashville to see Ray's family. Ray hit the Titans game with his brother and his Dad. The girls and I hit World Market with Nana and Aunt Sharon. It was clearly a win win. I can't believe the World Market here closed. Anyway, the girls also got feathers in their hair. Blue/blue, Blue/purple and Pink/Purple... They are cute. They love it. Bria is already asking when she can go back and switch for other colors. Umm. No. Those buggers are staying in for the next year. I remember when a perm cost about the same thing and those things lasted at least 6 months. Granted, poodle perm hair isn't as cute and a pink zebra style feather but still I have principles. 

During our trip to see Ray's family before Mike and Sharon move... my camera batteries died. My phone also died. I have no pictures. I'm sad. 

Ray's grandma was moved to a nursing home this week. Louise always tells me the same story about Ray fishing and his fascination with a bull frog. She loves on the girls and prays for all of us daily. I'm blessed enough to live so far away that it is easy for me to see her through the rose colored glasses. We talk on the phone, but I rarely see her in person. She has always been good to me. I am a little sad for her. I know for a long time she was very opposed to living outside her home. She went yesterday without a peep. As sad as I am for her, I am also relieved because she clearly needed care that she wasn't able to get at home. I am hoping this helps her health improve and as her health improves, her spirit will too. 

I had lunch with an old friend... Iceland old yesterday. It was nice to catch up and talk about our kids and what they are doing. It made me miss Iceland a bit and the friendships made there. We've also all grown up. No one has babies anymore. I wonder how different it would be if we all wound up back there now. 

The temperatures are dropping. Women Run Memphis was almost pleasant Monday night. It would probably be much more pleasant if the trainers hadn't decided that cooler equals longer, faster, harder. Oh well, I need the nudge sometimes. I made to the end. 

Feel free to tease Ray. He pulled a muscle in his neck. He's walking around like an old man. It wasn't moving furniture. It wasn't building Jack's bed. He slept wrong. You know you're old when you injure yourself in your sleep! It has been fun to make a lot of noise just out of his line of sight and watch him try to turn and see what's happening. Around here, we're mean like that.

Arleigh and Hanan want to play soccer. Um.. upcoming trip to China... Girl Scouts... Piano... how much more do I want on my calendar? A sister and soon to be brother that aren't old enough to play... they aren't getting as much exercise here as they did in Virginia... what to do? How much is too much?

Finally, I packed the bottom portion of our suitcase. An ergo carrier for Jack, Jack's backpack, a few toys, office supplies (do I really need duct tape?) all the gifts and over the counter medicines... It's checked in at 28 pounds. I think we might make it with one bag. 

That's it for now. Time to check Rumor Queen again...


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh dear. You are BUSY! Um, you are bringing duct tape? BEST idea EVER! Serious.
Glad the stuff at school was worked out, sorry about missing out on good pic ops, and TAKE A REST!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

WOW!!! That was a post full~ you have had a busy time!!! Sure hoping you can get your trip planned and get on with bringing that baby home!!! Blessings!

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