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Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Interrupt The Daily Cycle

I was bragging to my mom. In an effort to me more efficient, I did several posts early in the week and then scheduled them to post early every morning. Being efficient doesn't help when you use the blog to whine. Speaking of wine whine....

Here's a brief update. We have visas. We have approvals. We have everything we need to get on a plane except for a piece of paper called a Travel Approval. I convinced myself that it would be here today. Everything else in this process seems to have been delayed or postponed. I want to get on that plane yesterday! Grandma has a fall vacation on the calendar. There are Oct. holidays in China. We really need to go now.

Today I learned that one of the directors that needs to sign every travel approval is out of the office. This was apparently as of Tuesday. There was no indication of when he will return. To receive our Travel Approval, this person must sign it. I'm sure he deserves a vacation. I'm sure he works very hard. He might be at some other government training. I can't believe when we go hinges on one person.

So, it seems like I ask a lot. But if you are in a praying  mood, I have a laundry list of things to add.

  • Please pray that this director returns to his post in a timely matter so that we can travel as soon as possible.
  • Please pray for me. We don't know when we're going and I'm already a nervous wreck thinking about leaving the other three. The last time I left them was in Feb. for two nights. That was the first time I had left them unless it was a hospital stay in their entire lives for longer than over night. It's going to be hard on all of us.
  • If you read the second request, you'll also realize that we all need to pray for Grandma, for her sanity and strength dealing with the three here. 
  • Pray for Jack. He has no idea how much his little world is about to be turned upside down. While we may see that it's a wonderful thing, he probably doesn't. Please pray for his little heart and a peaceful transition.
That's it. Thanks for the help. I'm feeling slightly more peaceful already. Now to occupy myself and quit checking the phone...

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Sharon Ankerich said...

I am praying for it all! I know you are in knots over it all but it will all be ok, I promise!!!
the same thing happened to us when we were about to travel~ we got an email from a travel agency in China that they couldn't book our hotel and would have to come a week late. Our agency lady was on vacation and I freaked. It all worked out and I know your's will too. XO

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