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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Wait

Blogging about how fun Bria is right now briefly crosses my mind, like how her questions aren't questions. They are statements with a different inflection. She thinks that the word "actually" placed anywhere in a sentence means that the exact opposite of whatever you are doing can and should happen. I think she "Actually Mama..." about 1,453 times a day. It's cute now. The cute may wear off quickly.

I thought about blogging about Arleigh's homeroom teacher. Love her! She looks exactly like Claire on Modern Family. She is funny and loud. She is one of those teachers who knows how to tease just the right way to make learning fun. On the flip side, she thinks everyone at this school is independently wealthy. Like, the first week when she said... I know the 3" binder is on the list and in the package provided if you buy your supplies from the school and you probably already bought that nice $5 one at Target, but what Arleigh really needs is a Trapper Keeper since we're changing classes. I realize they run $15-$20 but you can swing that right? ...On top of every other hand wipe, tissue, sanitizer, paper towel, markers, acrylic paints, enough paper to cut down 4 rain forests and that's just some of the list for one of three children in school...Sure. Then we get the message. You know... they are switching classes and they really need another bag that will fit in their 90 pound backpack for them to pull out to carry their Trapper Keeper and two text books in. Then it will need to go back in their backpack at the end of the day for you to keep up with at home. I know you have that nice backpack with the embroidery that Nana Bonnie sent for Christmas, but it's just not enough. (Paraphrasing here in case you can't tell.) So I knew just the one I wanted to get for her. Looked it up last night online... $50. She's not getting that one. Time for a trip to Wal-Mart...

Then there's Hanan. My child who is back to refusing to eat anything even if I stand on my head, make sandwiches to look like her favorite cartoon character and beg. Snacks have been halted. Not sure how that's going to look around here.

All that is happening and all I can think about is a phone that will not ring. You see back in May, we thought Diana might travel at the same time as us. She's on her way home with Emme Jade. I was hoping to travel at the same time as Jennifer. After a couple of emails discussing our timelines, Jennifer sent me a note that said there was no way that she would be traveling when we would. That was before LOAgate. Jennifer is almost half way through her China trip. There were so many people who got their LOAs faster than we did. It was okay because our agency seemed to be advocating for us. Now, I am forced to talk to a new person. While he might be advocating, he certainly doesn't give that impression.

I'm starting to wonder if something is going on that I don't know about that the agency does. I'm starting to think it might be November. I really, really want to go now. Sorry for the whining babble. It's just where I am. I am trying to be present for the girls but it's always in the back of my mind. They aren't at home and so I'm left to watch the phone and wait for it to buzz. Miserable.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Ring phone RING!!! SO hoping you get a call!!! It is SO hard to wait!!! Hoping for a great weekend too!!! XO

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