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Friday, August 12, 2011

So Thankful

I've been a little obsessed with reading other people's blogs, internet forums and yahoo groups with all things pertaining to adoption. Of course, as we get closer, I've focused on transitions, adjustments and travel. I think I've read every possible horror story. The theme has become prepare for the worst, hope and pray for the best. We've read about everything from little boys making a run for it from their new parents to the horrors of trying to find childcare for the kids that stay at home.

I'm busy getting a room ready. I'm busy trying to create packing lists. I'm busy trying to help the girls understand that bringing their brother home won't be like bringing Bria home from the hospital. I'm making lists and mapping out things like piano and girl scouts. Being busy is good right now. I'm not totally obsessed with waiting for my phone to ring. Not. Totally.

As I was reading through all the things that I have to do to get ready for a trip half way around the world, I realized how incredibly blessed we are. Ray and I are going to get to go together. The girls are going to get to stick to their regular routines. They aren't going to be shuffled. They aren't going to have to wonder which will be the next house. They'll be home. They'll be safe. They'll be with someone who has driven to their school more times than I can count. They'll be with a teacher who can help with homework. They'll be loved while we are gone and I won't have to worry about them while I'm worrying about Jack's adjustment.

I don't say it often enough. Thanks Mom. I love you!

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Gratitude is such a powerful way to handle the stress of a moment. You are truly blessed to have her there loving your babies!!! My mom stayed with my girls when we went for SJ and it was wonderful~ no worries about them. They were actually spoiled and it was all good. SO excited for you and can't wait to watch your journey and STOP reading the bad stories!!! LOL You and Jack will be fine. Hold him tight, feed him every bite, and sleep with him... he will adjust and so will you. Praying for you all!

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