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Friday, August 26, 2011

So Posh

Back home there is a magazine insert in the local paper. Recently, they've featured my aunt, Bonnie McMillan as a redesigner. She is a wonderful artist and decorator.

This month, there were articles about some of the homes she's worked on. This issue focused on downsizing. My aunt has worked with several clients who have moved from large home to smaller homes in their retirement. Here's a link. 

This issue also featured the home of my cousin, Wendy. My aunt helped her too.

I plan on teasing her mercilessly later for posing like Cleopatra. Probably because I'm just jealous. I had to wish her a happy 50th birthday yesterday. I may pay for announcing that later. Here's the link to her "Home Chic Home" article.

We're so happy for you Nana Bonnie, that you've found something you love to do. And... I have like one painting and Wendy apparently has them on every wall. Expect to see a couple of blank canvases in the mail!

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