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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy For School

Another little person went back to school yesterday. Her Mother's Day Out Program school, doesn't officially start until Sept. The school director encourages a few kids with siblings in school to go ahead and start with a get ready program. I debated. She's been chomping at the bit to get out this new Peek A Bug back pack out. The reality is, I'll have a little time to get things ready for Jack so yesterday was the day.

I tried to get a picture.

 That Peek A Bug backpack and lunchbox were taking center stage.
My emphasis is on tried. I seriously don't know how she gets her mouth to do that. 

 It doesn't help when there is an older sister behind me yelling "Pose!"
 Maybe we should call Molly Sims. She's from our home town. She could help her modeling career take off. Wait. I don't think she takes direction well.
 Little better if Mom could figure out the non flash setting and zoom.
 Forget it. We'll just show off the back pack. That's what Bria wants to see anyway.
Today is her non school day. She isn't happy about it either. I think the Barbie pool will come out and a trip to the park might be in order.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

What a cutie patootie!!! Precious precious!!!

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