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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bridging and Rededication

This weekend, we got up and rushed out the door to get to one of our favorite parks. Why rush? It was the Bridging and Rededication Ceremony for Girl Scouts. Hanan "bridged" to Juniors. Arleigh was rededicated as a Junior.

The ceremony was so sweet. There is a wooden bridge at the park. All the girls that were moving to a higher level walked across the bridge to be sworn in by a leader. When that was done, the girls rededicated themselves to living my Girl Scouting principals. 

Here are a few pictures... 

Ray and Bria were checking out a butterfly in the dry creek bed before the ceremony started. 

 Hanan hanging out at the bridge.
 Hanan crossing the bridge.
Big girl is no longer a brownie... She's a junior like Arleigh.
 Arleigh rededicating...
 The whole group.
It was wet, humid and the grass stuck to everything!
 During the cookie portion, this praying mantis was crawling up Arleigh's leg. I'm so proud of her, she barely squealed. He provided tons of entertainment for the girls while the parents talked...and ate cookies. Didn't I mention this was a Girl Scout function?
 Baby Whitney who is soon to be Big Sister Whitney really wanted to get her hands on the little bugger.
Because I live The Real Housewives of Memphis... I do have a story to tell. I rushed to shower and get somewhat presentable. I'm not sure why. It was so humid, sweat was running off of everyone. Those poor people who wore jeans... Anyway, because I tried to make myself presentable, I had the constant hurry up we're going to be late feeling. We made it by the seat of our pants.

I was unloading the folding chairs, talking with the other moms, complaining about my leg sweat when on of Arleigh's troop leaders from last year walked up. The girls were in a pavilion two soccer fields and one baseball field over, preparing to walk together. I was a bit surprised to see her. I said "Well Hello Debbie!" I was maybe trying to be overly friendly because I pulled Arleigh out of her troop to put her into Hanan's troop. All good right, except her name is not Debbie. It's Judy. Ooops. She corrected me immediately. I think I stammered an apology. She asked where the girls were. I pointed. It was supposed to be starting any second though.

I love Judy, Arleigh's former troop leader. She has a big old huge heart. She is super great with the girls. She really, really loves being a girl scout leader. The fact that her co leader leaves her in the lurch 90% of the time and Judy can be a little disorganized, I pulled up the big girl panties and moved Arleigh. I am that mom. I got the feeling that Judy wasn't happy about it. I never wanted to hurt her feelings, calling her Debbie probably didn't help. 

Anyhoo... showing up late not knowing what was going on sort of proved my point. When the ceremonies were over, she asked me to fill out transfer papers. Okay. No problem. It may be my insufferable low self esteem but I don't she likes me. That makes me sad because she really is a sweet lady. 

I also got to hear about where we might be sent next go around, where the best BBQ is, why the school put another preschool playground where the big kid playground has been planned for the last ten years and our plans for the weekend.

Our plans... the TN Safari Park... we get to tour it on a trailer and feed the babies and Bria is invited to attend. I don't thing those animals have any idea what's coming. At least it's only Bria and not Barkley...

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Sharon Ankerich said...

All is well that ends well!!! What great photos of your sweet family!!! Blessings

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