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Monday, August 22, 2011

A Break From The Break

My friend Ginny got an email to me this morning. She is an absolutely wonderful photographer...Super Talented... even though she's younger than me, I want to be Ginny when I grow up. Seriously, it was her nursery I posted about a while back. Anyway, Ginny is trying to grow her business here in the Memphis area. She is so so sweet. Did I mention I love her.

She has a contest on Facebook right now. If enough people like my picture, it will be good for $150 credit. I want to jump up and down... this would help us get professional Christmas Cards this year instead of me struggling and stressing like I do every year.

So please, if you have a minute, check my status on Facebook. You have to like Ginny's Photography page then Like the picture of the girls from way back when Bria had a shiner. If I get enough likes, I WIN!!! I appreciate your help. Here's the link to Ginny's Facebook page.

I'm going to try and continue my break. I will be posting pictures of the big girls' Bridging Ceremony later in the week. It was very sweet. I'm too proud of them to stay away from posting about my wonderful Scouts and their adventures.

Happy Monday. Don't forget to LIKE ME!

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