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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Barkley Vs. The Deer

 First, thank you for the notes. I appreciate it. I don't know who I think I'm kidding... blogging is an outlet. I'm just going to try and control the whining... So here goes.

My mom has two dogs. The first is Max.

Max is named after a dog my parents bought when I was fifteen. He looks exactly like the other Max. I tell my mom as often as I can exactly how creepy that is. He would have been an excellent Napoleon. Then there is the barking. Max barks when he wants food. Max barks at things with two legs but he especially loves to bark at four legged animals. Max barks at cars and at the wind. When the washing machine changes cycles, you would think some unknown source was accosting him. Sir Barks A lot should have been named Barkley.

Alas, this is Barkley...

My votes were for Oh Henry like the chocolate bar or Cooper. Barkley sort of fits though. He has a certain goofiness about him. Now that I know him, I would suggest naming him Jack Daniels because the dog is a hard liquor licker.

Barkley is an almost 80 pound baby who really doesn't understand his size and he loves EVERYONE! He is just like Doug, from Up... "I just met you and I LOVE YOU!" He wants to lick you to death, especially your bare feet and our feet are almost always bare. He thinks sitting on my head is perfectly acceptable because Max likes to lay on the sofa cushion behind your head. Mom thinks no one likes him because he's buck wild. (Buck! Why didn't they think of Buck?) The truth is you can't help but love Sir Licks A lot.

Back to the story... Mom walks every morning. It's impressive. I'm pretty sure her pace could whip me in the next half marathon. She is trucking and her little men march (Max) and gallop (Barkley) right beside here. In the past her drive way has been a wonderful place to truck along, it's long enough. Unfortunately Barkley attracts the attention of some dogs who run loose in the country. He is either going to get in a fight or run away so Mom is now walking laps around the pond.

Yesterday three deer came out to gawk at the power walkers. Barkley ran over to say hi. How I wish I had it on video. Barkley galloping along, a little too close to a fawn, the mama circled around, chasing him and actually kicked him at one point. I asked what he did, did he yelp? Umm no. He was too surprised. He just sort of looked at her shocked that she would be so mean. They ran back off into the woods and Barkley resumed his gallop.

Oh Barkley, the deer might not love you but we do.

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That was awesome! The deer KICKED him!?
However, I will admit, my FAVORITE part of this whole post?
"I'm pretty sure her pace could whip me in the next half marathon." Dude, you are a runner! Whoot!

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