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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And We're Back

School is in full swing again. Lunches are sitting on the counter. I can hear giggly little girls upstairs getting everything ready to leave. Bria will even head back to her school today. I adore the schedule and the routine that school provides. There is this other side of our school system though...

Last week, I got all gussied up. You know, in case I ran into any pretties and headed to the school for registration. We moved here a year and a half ago. I provided the school with everything but my own blood to prove that we were indeed living in this school district. I got a notice in June that proof of residence had changed a bit. It was really for shared housing situations so I didn't think anything of it. Then I got a notice of what to bring to once again prove my residency.

The school has not one but two copies of my lease on file. It states that we have a lease until Dec. 31 2011. At that point, we'll know about our orders and renegotiate. They got a copy when we moved here. They received another copy last year when we registered. I brought a voter registration card. I had a copy of our water and electric bills plus a mortgage statement on our home in Virginia coming to our current address and a tax bill on that home coming to this address. I did not have another copy of my lease. I couldn't find it. Ray was in California. It was at the school anyway, right.

I walk on to the prove that your an American citizen, live where you live, promise that your kid will fit in with all the other Ugg wearing, Polo sporting, snobby kids line. I walk up and explain what I have, while I don't have my lease I know one is on file and it hasn't expired. Would it please be possible for them to make a copy of the one they have. I was promptly handed my rear end because I was supposed to have a copy of my lease. Now, people are defaulting on their mortgages and being kicked out of their houses in my neighborhood. I know another family has moved but because they can't sell their house, they are still sending their kids to this school. They weren't asked to prove that they still live where they said they lived. So I said, "If you are refusing to register my kids because you won't make a copy of something you already have, what am I supposed to do next? My realtor is out of the office today. I spoke with her and asked her to fax another copy this week. Do I need an appointment to come back to the school to finish this?" All the person would say is "You should have brought a copy of your lease." It was like a broken record. If I asked if she would make a copy, that was her answer. Should I come back here tomorrow? That was her answer. What the hell do you want me to do? "You should have brought a copy of your lease." My blood pressure was about to explode. There were two people at the desk. The other person was asking why they couldn't make a copy. After about 20 minutes of this, they made a copy. It took literally 3 minutes to walk to another room, pull the file, make the copy and I was on my way. Why wasn't someone doing that this summer? I know those ladies still sit at the front desk. What did they do all summer when they weren't printing stickers to give to the parents to volunteer?

The rest of my day went like this... buy a $3 folder that should have cost fifty cents that you can only buy from the school book store. Hear, "I know the list says absolutely no Trapper Keepers but that 3" binder you bought is no good, you really need to get her a Trapper Keeper." Buy the super expensive school agenda, no other agenda will do. That would be the same agenda that I bought last year and you immediately had to replace because you ordered the wrong thing.

I remember back when school supply shopping meant, a new back pack, maybe a lunch box, school clothes, some crayons and some glue. I spent $115 on Arleigh. None of that was clothes or shoes. Last night, she brought home another list. Oh and that $3 folder, both girls brought that home last night, the school store gave them the kindergarten one not the 4th and 3rd grade one.

In other news, we lucked out with great teachers. Prayers are needed for the fourth grade class though. Hanan has a teacher that will be at school all year. Of the six teachers, there is one pregnancy, one teacher is out (Arleigh's teacher from last year) because his wife has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer he is helping her with treatment, another teacher (Arleigh's science teacher last year) has an aggressive cancer that was just diagnosed and might not be back all year, another teacher fell the week before school and broke and arm and a leg and won't start the year. It sounds like a bad movie. A lot of the pretties are substitute teachers. It has been fun watching them try to knock each other out of the way for those interim spots.

Speaking of the pretties, how I missed them all summer. Yesterday, one of them was talking to me. She had on the shortest tennis skirt and short tank top. I know she plays tennis and she was clearly dressed for the courts. As I was leaving I told her to have a good game. She turned around and shot me a look of death, "I'm not playing today. Why would you say that?" Sorry, it was tennis or swimming with that get up.

I was a little disappointed yesterday. The heat is keeping them from tailgating. I saw a near fight with a Mr. Mom moment in the car line. There is one line. Why would you try to cut? Did you not learn how to line up when you were in kindergarten.

And now, it's off to get in the car line again. Happy Back to school! Oh, if you're interested, our schools are in the news again http://www.wreg.com/news/wreg-city-school-board-will-consider-legal-action-on-merger-decision-20110808,0,7775103.story

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Such a wonderful post...I love reading them...You are so good at these posts...Shelenia

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