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Monday, July 11, 2011

What We've Been Doing

It's been busy...
 We've been riding.
 And mowing. Fortunately, the mower hasn't tried to commit suicide since the last incident.
The mule however, decided stubbornness was really the way to go. It decided not to move for about 24 hours.
 We drove some more...
 We cooked... the girls even cooked... alot.
 We walked.
 We cooked some more.
 We pulled wagons.
 We muled a little bit. Per Hanan's direction, we held our noses when we got close to the pond. You know, because Grandma was at the wheel.
 We even hitched rides on a golf cart.  You never know what kind of characters will be out on the course.
We had a fabulous time. So much to tell you but I actually need to think about laundry and feeding the children first.

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