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Thursday, July 28, 2011

This 'N That

First, thanks for the Arleigh advice. She is very excited to have this letter arrive. She's basking in the joy of telling her friends. We will also be moving at the time she would need to go. Part of me would love for her to have the experience and step out of her box. This is the same girl who who called us saying she wanted to come home from a sleep over a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure what it would do to me if she called from Canada wanting to come home. It was one thing when I called my Dad, 6 months married, car broken down, Ray out of the state, having lived in a new area for all of three weeks and a blizzard coming... He told me to suck it up. I was a grown up and I had to learn to deal with it. It was the best thing I could hear. Wish I could thank him for that now. I can't do that to my little girl. Maybe this is paving the way for some other international studies later on, like high school instead of not even in junior high yet.

I've been a bit disappointed with our adoption agency for the first time. Our file has been handed to a different office. The new guy isn't interested in sugar coating or hand holding. He is giving himself a lot of cushion. It was giving me a high level of anxiety. He told me that I wouldn't hear anything for up to seven weeks as we wait for our Article 5. I was shocked as most people seem to me notified. So, I did what I wasn't supposed to do. I checked up on him. I emailed the consulate to inquire about our Article 5. It is due to be picked up tomorrow! Can I get an AMEN?

I know some of you don't know what this means. We are officially in line for Travel Approval. It is averaging around 3 weeks, but last week several people got theirs in less than one week. If that happened, we could potentially be on our way to China in 3 weeks! I think it is much more likely that we will travel sometime in early Sept. That's like a month away! I am so excited. I want him here. Panic is also setting in. We have a little bit ready, but not all. I know if they called tomorrow and said come, I would be on a plane and not worry about it. Frankly, fixing up a room and packing some bags will be a great distraction from biting my nails and eating ice cream.

The girls and I are packing up and heading to a wedding tomorrow. Ray won't be able to go with us. That alone makes me sad. The other thing that makes me sad is the fact that I almost had a flat tire from a rusty nail today. We spent 3 hours occupying ourselves waiting for the van to be fixed. We picked up a gift and I got home just in time to mow the yard. It's almost midnight. The washer is still running. I'm supposed to leave first thing in the morning. I want the house clean for the neighbors who will be dog sitting.

We sent pictures to Jack a couple of weeks ago. We know they were shipped. I had originally asked that they send pictures and then take a picture of Jack with our family picture. Something was lost in translation. We got the weird split pant picture before they ever sent the family pictures. They are calling today to see if he was given the picture book and try to get another picture. I keep hitting refresh on the mail. Nothing yet...

Bria told me yesterday that she has friends but they aren't real... I'm not sure when I should be concerned.

I have a high school reunion coming up. This week the second of two of my classmates in two months passed away. I haven't seen her since the last reunion. I found out another friend may lose her husband to brain cancer. I haven't seen her in years either. We also found out that Arleigh's super fabulous teacher is now taking care of his wife because she has a pretty severe type of cancer. Life is too short.

Finally I heard an old Cherokee saying the other day. I'll leave you with it and hope I don't butcher it.

"When you are born, you cry and people rejoice. Live your life so that when you die, you will rejoice and others will cry at your passing."

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Sharon Ankerich said...

SO happy for Article 5 pick up!!! Amen!!! Can't wait to hear TA is here too! Time to get that baby!!! Thinking about you as you have SO much going on. Blessings!

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