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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thank You Pinterest

Today is my birthday so I'm hanging with the girls by the blow up pool. I have absolutely NOTHING on the agenda. Love it!

With nothing to do but sit in the heat listening to the girls squeal over lizards, I thought I would show you my little side project from my phone. I love technology!

I'm slowly making a turn from browns and reds to grays and blues in my bedroom and bathroom. So when I saw this on Pintrest I knew I needed one.

I picked up a $5 picture with glass and a decent wood frame from my local Goodwill store. It had the same print my aunt bought for my bedroom when I was 3. She got it at the Big K in Murray. How do I remember this stuff? Anyway, I painted the frame. Ray picked up some metal and cut it to fit. He wrapped some fabric I found on clearance around the metal and popped it back in the frame. Did you know alot of makeup has some metal in it's packaging? That's how they slip in and out of the compacts that you are asked to buy. I was totally counting on hot gluing magnets to my makeup but turns out, they stick without the glue. These little circular magnets from the home improvement store are strong enough to hang onto my eyelash curler and tweezers.

I'm thinking about glazing or aging the frame. I may swap out the fabric. I'm already thinking about recreating one for the girls' play makeup. They will be wearing it soon enough.

I have a little more makeup to put on but I'm busy by the redneck pool. Just wanted to share. Thank you Pintrest...and Ray!

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

what a cool idea! now I need to look into that. My makeup? Mess.

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