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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On Leaving Memphis

This morning I realized that in less than ten short months, we'll be leaving. During the next 9 months, we plan to go to China, bring Jack home, celebrate three birthdays, take one last hoorah of a family vacation, have a big old southern family Christmas and then we'll pack and move on.

Ripping up those southern roots will be hard. It will probably be harder on family than on us. We've seen my mom every couple of weeks instead of every couple of months lately. It's the very best part of living here.

I've written and rewritten this post. I don't really know what I want to say. Moving on is bitter sweet. I read The Tell early this morning. It's made me think about my relationships here. When you move as often as we do, making that investment is hard. Then I read another post and someone said when you are so sad you're heart is literally broken, it's okay. It just means God's Spirit is very busy making your heart stronger.

If you haven't visited us here yet, time is running out. We are hoping to hear about a travel approval sometime next month. Get here so you can eat at Gus' Fried Chicken or grab some ribs on Beale. I'm making the list of all the things I need to do with the kids before we go. Who knows where we are going or when we'll be back.


Sharon Ankerich said...

Such bittersweet words. Loved reading The Tell~ very insightful and I guess since we now live close to ALL of our family, we would miss them SO much. We know God is calling us away sometime but waiting for His perfect timing!!!

Anonymous said...

You may have heard me say this before but....

Moving is the worst part of military life but
moving is also the BEST part of military life.

We have friends all over the place. When we leave I just tell folks to 'think of this as a travel opportunity!'


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am on my way there now. I need to see you, or for you to move to MN.

The Driskells said...

Do you guys know where you'll be next?

Cheeseboy said...

I've heard so much about Memphis, I'd love to visit sometime. Sad you have to leave.

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