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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Sleep For The Weary

Last night night before last when you read this, was LOOOOOONG. Oh.... soooooo.....looooong. Before I went to bed the news showed a bear. A bear in my neck of the woods. He is strolling through on his way to who knows where enjoying some strawberry cake. Seriously. Someone dumped strawberry cake in their garbage. Apparently the bear loved it so much it was smeared on his face. He has since moved on to dog food. Have I mentioned how much I love the Memphis news?

Arleigh was spending the night with a friend. She's done this before. No big deal. Last night, just as I had drifted off, the phone rang. I hate that. Reminds me of my dad's heart attack. That combined with Ray saying, "Are you all right?" is enough to send my adrenaline pumping. Arleigh was fine but homesick. Her Daddy was the best one for her to talk to. I was practically looking for a bra and flip flops to go get her. Sometimes Dads are the best ones to say put your big girl panties on. Ray may have reminded me of that too, but it was still hard to go back to sleep.

Then Hanan was up at 1:30. Her allergies have been walloping her. Allergies and growing pains required me to wake up. No big deal. Ice pack, back down, thinking about Arleigh and bears. Was Arleigh afraid of the bear. Her friend's neighborhood might be even closer than ours.

All this led to a wonderful bear dream. It didn't help that Tucker was on his back moaning and groaning sounding very much like a bear. Suddenly there were sweet little strawberry cake eating puppy dog bears in my dreams. I found myself awake again. I was thinking about whether or not Arleigh had kept everyone up. Toss and turning, I was finally in a blissful sleep.

That's when I woke up to Bria screaming for me. She went to bed without pajama pants. She had to have pajama pants to sleep at 4:30.

Ray kissed my head at 5:30.

At 7 I was up checking email to see if the NVC had cabled us to China yet. Nope. Then Hanan was up. Then Bria was up. Then Arleigh was calling for me to come get her AND her friend. (Wasn't in my POD...navy talk for Plan of the day...I think.)

So today, I was planning on cleaning things out to move the big girls upstairs. Instead, I've cleaned out a bit, crafted a bit, entertained a whole lot more than I wanted to.

I've also considered all the things I haven't posted... Trade Day, The Precocious Child, Arleigh's ear piercing, Why It's Hard to Be a Christian in Wal-Mart particularly when They are Remodeling. Can I get an Amen? I realized I'm just too tired. So I'll leave you this...

There is always one.

I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot with the girls one evening. Please ignore the dirt, sweaty heads and all that goes with three girls entertaining themselves in the country. This is what I got...

 Not bad. This says Hanan to me.
And this is my Mom is really embarrassing me look. I think I'm probably going to see a little more of that but it still shows her personality.

Then there was Bria...
Well, I got the personality part down.


The Driskells said...

Love those beautiful girls of yours and their unique personalities! Such precious gems!

Cheeseboy said...

All this because of one stinkin' bear?! My kids been going through growing pains in his legs too. Makes for some long nights.

Sharon Ankerich said...

Hope tonight is a better night for rest and love the photos of your beautiful girls!!! :)

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