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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Keeping Up

In case you were wondering, the bear was captured. He's on his way to the Smoky Mountains of TN. Poor thing. I hope he can find his strawberry cake there. Oh, he was a little too close to my house for comfort. Some poor family was ordered to stay in their house until they could get him out of their tree.

I have yet to move the big girls upstairs.

Ray and I managed to complete this project to hang outside the bedroom area. Hopefully it will remind us how to act.
Not a great picture... but... it's nutty here.

We have been cabled to China. Very exciting but I need a letter saying we've been cabled to move on. I've now been waiting nearly 48 hours since I was promised the letter. My index finger is going to be roughly the size of my wrist from all the exercise I'm getting clicking the refresh button.

I got a really cute picture last night in my inbox. I always think this is worth a post on it's own.

Oh... it's not so great small. I felt the need to crop it because little man was having a serious wardrobe malfunction in the split pants area. Ray is incredibly proud! Friends are coming to swim in our redneck pool. I need to get back in the game. I'll play in elements tonight and give Jack his own post tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!

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