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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Hanan

This girl turned nine last week.
This girl with the big heart. She's the middle child in every way right now. Caught somewhere between wanting to be a tween totally in love with Justin Beiber and playing with her dolls. She loves bigger than anyone I've ever known. Right now she her career choices include Beautician, Veterinarian and Fashion Designer. She would good at any one of those. She'll be in fourth grade this year. It seems like I was just dropping her off at preschool.

Hanan decided that for her birthday she wanted to invite her friends over for a sleepover with a Woodland Fairy theme. She also wanted her ears pierced. One of these things is checked off our list.
Don't feel sorry for Hanan having to put her birthday off. She has more celebrations than anyone because of the holiday weekend... we are always around someone happy to add a Happy Birthday cake to the celebration. This time it was Grandma at Mimmi's. She has already been well celebrated. It was such a great party Bria says that her birthday will have to be a trip to Grandma's with a party at Mimmi's house!
Hanan is growing up and becoming a lady right in front of my eyes. She is learning just who God wants her to be and trying so hard. It warms my heart and if I think about it long enough... I'll bawl. I love her and I love having her around. Every birthday reminds me that someday she'll be off on her own. I just hope she remembers her Mama!

Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you! We're proud of you Hanan Hope, especially for the amazing daughter and sister that you are!

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!!!

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