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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Fairy Good Time

My sweet girl wanted a Woodland Fairy Party. While it might not have been everything I envisioned... Darn you Pinterest.... It was fun and she was quite pleased. I know we are rapidly approaching a time when things like fairies and dolls won't hold their interest. The computer and television beckon them. They are off hanging with their homies friends. I'm holding onto these moments where they actually want to have me around.

We started with food.
 And the obilgatory group fairy shot.
 We painted flower pot picture frames.
 I stole the pack of ice trays from the dollar store idea for paint. Loved it!
 We went for a walk through the "enchanted forrest" to collect natural items to build fairy houses.
 They spent lots of time building just the right house.

PiƱata in the dark... not my brightest moment.
The cake. I was so excited when I ordered it. It is nothing like the picture they show you. We ordered the individual cake. I asked for butter cream, the frosting was more whipped. It didn't look chocolate or like a log. Fawn is Hanan's favorite fairy. She thought it was perfect.
Blowing out the candles...
Did I mention it was a sleepover? I didn't get pictures. We also put glow in the dark paint in mason jars to make it look like they were captured fairies. Great night light.

In the morning... bug pancakes were a hit.
Happy birthday Hanan Hope. We love you dearly. You should also know that I'm counting on parties like this buying my way into a better nursing home.

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Sharon Ankerich said...

A beautiful party for a beautiful birthday girl!!! You did great mom!!!

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