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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Earrings...

I mentioned that Hanan got her ears pierced for her birthday... So did Arleigh. Arleigh is a regular reader here. Apparently she's been waiting for the ear ring post since she asked about it.

The plan was originally that Hanan would pay for her ear piercing once we were home from the beach. Then when she couldn't decide what on earth she might want for her birthday, she decided that ear piercing would be a great birthday gift and she could save her money to buy cute ear rings later. (That plan has failed after a trip to KY and too many shopping choices.)

The wait was the hardest part. She wanted to go to Claire's because she knew that there was a teddy bear.

 Did I mention that waiting was hard?
 The sweet girls at Claire's could see how nervous she was. They offered to do both ears at the same time. Good plan!
I guess you would still call the contraption a gun, a little more like a staple gun. I was so worried about the noise I remembered from having my ears pierced... no noise. I honestly didn't even realize both ears were pierced and the backs were on.

I had one happy camper.
 When Arleigh saw how easy it was, she decided she wanted an early birthday present. Very early... like 5 months early. She has always wanted her ears pierced but she's been terrified of the process. Seeing little sister do it without even a wince and she was ready for her shot.
 Her face was much more excited than Hanan's. We opted for both ears at once again.
I'm so proud of my big girls. They have done such a great job of turning their earrings and wiping their ears a few times every day. They have been so responsible. Can anyone tell me how to get them that responsible with everything else around here. Maybe it's the promise of pain and infections if they don't. I think I'm going to have to work on this...


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