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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thank You

There are 5 little girls instead of three in my house right now. It seems like for the rest of the week we either have plans to babysit or plans with friends. We're thick in the middle of a fabulous Vacation Bible School. It's a busy time for us. I like it that way. There's not so much time trying to will the phone to rind with news of an LOA. I'm not constantly checking email for pictures either. It also means there isn't much time left to post.

I wanted to take a second and say thanks. I teared up more than once after Friday's post. Your comments and messages and especially prayers mean so much right now. We're ready to go. Just keep praying.

Second, thanks for the comments on the race. I joke that when I say I run it's not really running but I finished and that's enough for me. There's another race coming up on Ray's birthday weekend. You may have encouraged me just enough to go for it.

I hope you have a great week. More little girls are coming down the stairs after their very late night looking for breakfast. I think it's time to feed them or they may turn on me. It really is like Lord Of The Flies around here.

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