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Friday, June 10, 2011


Our girls trip to Florida starts in less than 24 hours. Grandma and Nana Bonnie are on their way. Sheets are off of beds. I have not packed one thing. Paperwork was delayed for reasons I would rather not discuss so we're off to deal with that. I also have a small role to play in feeding people for lunch. My part needs to be dropped off, not burning in the oven... It's crazy around here. I'm not sure I'll be posting much while we're gone. I want you to know about a couple of things though.

Head over to Change Me and find out about a giveaway providing Clean Water to people in Ethiopia.

Another blog friend is setting up and auction site to raise money to bring her son home. New things will be added all the time. Make sure you follow the site so you can see all the wonderful auction items. Just click on the button!


Our week has been busy. There are pictures on Facebook. Phone calls and errands await. 


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

It all will be worth it in the end when that little love is in your arms. We are praying!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Bless you sweet friend!!! I am so thankful for this post and pray the kinks are ironed quickly on your paperwork snag! Enjoy your time away!!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

PS... I added you on FB! :)

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