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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Big Four Oooohhhh!

This guy turned 40 on Saturday. Did I mention I love him?
Yeah, he's that thrilled about any kind of attention... Planning birthday parties for him and even buying him presents is a huge, huge problem. He never wants anything. When he does... it's some tool that I have no idea about. My mom got him that shirt he's wearing. It's a picture of a drill, and it reads "Drill Sergeant" that's about all he ever wants.

Arleigh wanted to make him a white pizza and a cake. So she and Hanan went to work with just a bit of supervision. Ray kept saying he didn't want to do anything. He just wanted a laid back day. I think he was a little surprised when his brother rang the doorbell. Mike and Sharon came all the way from Nashville. The girls were completely thrilled. Bria had Sharon's undivided attention. Uncle Mike is pretty good at playtime. We all just hung out and ate. Arleigh made a white pizza and all the girls helped make Ray a red velvet cake.

After cake I threw everyone in the bath and put on some sweats. A babysitter showed up and I told Ray to get in the truck. Off we went with Mike and Sharon. It was already after 8. He had no idea where we were going.

I made him stop for one goofy picture. Look. I do exist!
 Our destination was Pump It Up. It's a bounce house party place. I booked a room and asked everyone to show up, rudely without their kids. Yes the girls were pretty ticked.

Ray's empty present bin.

He was pretty excited I think.

 The obstacle course was the greatest source of entertainment. Spouses raced. Guys raced. Girls raced. At one point, the entire group even had a relay through the obstacle course and down the giant slide.
 Running up this thing is socks was nearly impossible for me. That flag Ray is holding, he actually got to the top marker. So did Mark. This was his 53rd trip up.
 After the first half hour, this is the position Ryan held. I think we wore him out.
 A couple of my favorite shots from the jousting bounce house. Can you believe these two aren't even married? They clobbered each other.

 Ray yelling, "I want cake! I want cake! I want cake!"
 There were 40 candles!
Greatest part of the evening was when a friend walked in. He was asked to sign a waiver. His eyes were huge. "Exactly what are we going to do?" The funnier part is, he's also our preacher. Later he said as he walked in the room he was wondering if we were really going to do this. He looked up, Ray's shoes were off, and he was scaling the wall for the slide. He said, "I guess we are." We had a ball!

Happy Birthday Ray. I love you more that words can ever express. I hope you had a great day.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ray!! In spite of body issues it only gets better!!! 8^)

Sharon Ankerich said...

What a GREAT BD surprise!!! my 40s have been the best so far!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you B. I love you mostest. It was a great surprise and I had a wonderful time. Cannot wait until your 40th!!

Always, Your Raymond

emily said...

That is so much fun!! Love this idea. Happy 40th to our "I'm all In" friend. We quote you often........ I'm right behind you in September. :)

heidi said...

Oh my WORD this is fabulous!!! LOL

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