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Monday, May 16, 2011

Out of Time

I'm already forgetting the things that happened last week. My mom and aunt came to hear Arleigh and Hanan perform in their final Glee concert of the year. It was so much fun. I wish they could've stayed longer...

 I'll try and post a video later...

Bria is hilarious right now. I wish I was writing down everything she says. The funniest has been when her Daddy is picking on her she looks at him and in a pre-teen voice says, "Daddy, see aw wous wee!" We interrupt it as "Daddy, seriously!" When we saw some of this at an outlet recently...

 Bria looked up at Grandma and said, "That is for Grandma's!" Heaven knows my mother needs a butt massage...

In other news I'm a moron. I've finally managed to lose a little weight. It's enough so that my wedding ring easily slips from my finger. (Yeah me! It's hasn't done that in years.) Last night while watching Survivor, I must have been excited. I slipped my rings off my left hand. Before I really thought about anything, I jammed my wedding ring on my right hand. I apparently haven't lost any weight in my right hand because I CAN NOT get the sucker off. My finger is disgusting. It's starting to remind me of a sausage. I may have to do one of those cleanse things to take care of it. Crap!

I think May is worse than right before Christmas. We have 3 award ceremonies, 2 study island parties, 3 showers, and 6 birthday parties in a period of less than two weeks. 5 of the birthday parties are this Friday and Saturday. I may not be around much until school is over.

Finally, we were told Ray's grandpa had hours to live on Saturday. As far as I know, as of this morning, he's still fighting. A long time ago, he would tell me that when he dies, he didn't want anyone paying for transportation, I could carry him to the funeral home in a wheel barrel. I would tell that he would surely outlive even me. He's had a rough couple of years. We're sad, but we know it's time. Please pray for Ray's family.

I'll try and post that video later. While you're praying... we sure hear about that LOA this morning. At least, where it is and possibly how much longer we'll have to wait.

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record I did notice how thin you looked in a recent photo. You go girl!!!

And I cannot believe you don't have a ton of advice on getting a ring off your finger!! I have to speak up even though I am definitely no expert! First, your hand is likely swollen now so stick it in some ice and elevate it to help the fluid drain. After it is miserably frozen oil up your finger with whatever makes you happy. I'm thinking in your house it might be olive oil. You can be anointed at the same time! I've heard all manner of stuff like peanut butter but it's the greasiness that does it so it seems to me any oil should do.....baby oil, whatever. If all else fails, go to a jeweler who makes (not just sells) jewelry and let them cut it off, the ring, not the finger!....or use a Dremel but be careful!! It can be soldered back together after you have saved your finger from gangrene!

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