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Monday, May 23, 2011

The News

As I typed that headline wondering what you would think you would be reading about. In spite of the fact that we were invited to an unholy number of birthday parties this weekend and had a baby shower, our church focus group, and a father daughter dance in less than a 72 hour period, I'm not talking about us. This is for that we'll only be here a short time I want to soak up all that is Memphis while we're here category and then record it on the blog so we'll remember it category.

The Memphis News can not be made up. The newscasters manage to tell it with that dry southern flare that sounds like it's all totally normal. Last night the headline was that a man was arrested for calling 911 too many times. He repeatedly dialed 9-1-1 asking for a ride. Why did he need a ride? I'll tell you. He needed a ride because he wanted to kill his girlfriend and her two children. Why on earth would he call 9-1-1 repeatedly asking for a ride to kill a family? Because the girlfriend recently shot him. He was fresh out of jail with no vehicle for the last domestic disturbance.

You can not make this stuff up. He's in jail but calling her collect to let her know what he will do. Fortunately for her he can't make his $100 bail. That's right... $100 bail. I'm still shaking my head. Wonder what the headline will be tonight?


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

It sorta makes me believe in the journey of mankind all over again.

Missy said...

There has to be a Meth Lab in this story somewhere...

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