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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My View

My view for about three days...

And a little of this...

A whole lot of this...
It was all wonderful right down to the pond soaked dogs.

Ray decided that Memorial weekend wouldn't be complete without fishing and bike rides and the very best place for that is Grandma's house. So we loaded the van and picked Arleigh up from a late birthday party Thursday night and headed for Kentucky. We called and said "Don't Lock The Door!" and drove on in arriving a little after 11 with one really wound up three-year old.

We had fun. The girls rode their bikes. A sweet family friend delivered the cutest little red and blue bike that I've ever seen for Jack. We fished. We rode the mule. We saw all sorts of animals... turkeys, bats, bunnies, horses and cows to name a few.

The best part was that we had no place to be and nothing we had to do. Between the end of school madness and fighting to find out what's going on with our paperwork in China, I felt like I've aged 10 years in the past two weeks. That isn't even bringing up the whole where do we move next stress. A weekend away was exactly what I needed and my sweet husband knew that. We even took the girls to see a movie and then snuck away by ourselves to see one.

When headed off to our college town to watch the new Pirates. Again, Ray knows me because I love to watch Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow. On the way we talked about life after the navy again. It's sometimes hard to imagine until we head to Kentucky. I think it's funny. Most days I can not imagine living out retirement without the smell of salt water in the air. When we're there, it's home. A lake and a pool would totally satisfy me. I easily trade chlorine for salt water. I can't believe how twenty years ago all I wanted was to leave and get as far away as I could get. I think Iceland managed to do that. Now, all my kids want is a farm in mule distance of Grandma's. I'm left wondering if Shiloh Road will do. Isn't it interesting where God takes you?

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