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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Last Week Of School

This last week of school should alternately be titled Chaos. I seriously don't know which end is up. I'm going to try and quickly recap our events before I forget everything.

Thursday was Bria's last day of school. It was also her "Program." Ray decided to hang out with his family in IL because Bria wasn't actually going to walk this time. Next year, she and Jack will have a cap and gown. (Sooo cute.) Anyway, it was a scene straight out of one my all time favorite movies. I rushed in, grabbed a seat and watched as a little boy from Bria's class totally lost control. He was picking up decorations, walking all over the stage. The other kids weren't singing because they were watching him with terrified faces.

At one point, I looked up from the camera as I saw this running at me... 
 He was supposed to be singing Jesus Loves Me. And below in one of the best pictures I got of Bria. I promise her shirt was tucked in when I dropped her off.

Ray got home Thursday just in time for one last Girl Scout meeting. It was a spa night where they learned yoga. Poor Hanan fell (She is her mother's daughter) doing a complicated move. I wasn't the adult laughing but she thought I laughed (with good reason I laugh every single time I see someone fall) that made it so much worse. We survived. We're finished with meetings for the summer. Next year Arleigh and Hanan will be in the same troop. Hallelujah!

We decided to regroup and skipped two birthday parties one Friday night and one Saturday morning that I had already delivered presents to. I was a little afraid we would still be in IL. The girls and I hit and ice cream social birthday party that afternoon and then rushed home to get ready for the Father Daughter Dance.
 Bria wasn't invited but she got in on the picture. I should have had a picture of Ray when he got home. He must have danced with them the entire time. He didn't want to wear his uniform like some of the other dads because he didn't want the attention. I think the girls got the better end of the deal. It's hard to break it down in those white chokers. Ray also got his first taste of the boy version of the pretties. I wonder if I could talk him into blogging?

Sunday morning we went to church, another birthday party... back to church and then to focus group. We got to bed in time to rush off to Hanan's program.

I'm going to have to get a camera with a real lens for the 100 school programs I attend. Hanan was awarded Perfect Attendance, Citizenship, The President's Award for Honor Roll, The First 25 Presidents, The 50 States Award, AR Award, Glee Club Participation Award and finally... the big one... Lion's Pride.

 The Lion's Pride Award is awarded only once in a child's career. One child is chosen for each class. It's a pretty big deal. Everyone discusses who will or won't get it. Hanan's name was called. You could have picked me up off the floor. Literally since I fell in the hallway on the way to the program. This post seriously has material for about 10 posts. 

This is Hanan's teacher. We are so thankful to her. Hanan had an awesome year. It was night and day from last year.
The Lion's Pride award is for kindness, compassion and empathy and respect with the bonus of having pride in your school. Clearly, we were excited.
 We also documented the start of Bria's hives.... Yep, we're doing that again.
 Tuesday it was Arleigh's turn... She received, Perfect Attendance, All Star Student, Black Belt in Recorder, The Kindness Award, Citizenship, The Principal's Award for Honor Roll, Glee Club participation, AR Super Reader, and.... Lion's Pride! We were two for two. Hanan's teacher has a son in in Arleigh's class. She was sitting on the front row when we were called up on stage. She was motioning me a 2 sign and I laughed and said, nope VICTORY!!!

Funny part of the story is, a mom sat down and asked me if we had been at the school long enough to know about the Lion's Pride award. I told her we were here for the awards last year, but hadn't been here long. She goes on to say what a big deal it is then says, "I guess families like yours are awesome for the teachers. You know if you've had it you can't get it again. Everyone's pretty much had it by now. Must be hard on the teachers to pick." Really? I'm just proud of my girls!
 Arleigh is a bit like her dad, not so happy to be front and center but Bria was plenty happy about the Sonic Sundaes in Arleigh's reception. Yep...more better hives....
 Arleigh and her bestie, Karson. Both of my girls have a serious case of hat head. They really haven't come off.
 Arleigh's teacher, Mr. Lawhon. Love him! I hope Hanan gets him next year.
Today, lunching with the ladies. More benadryl. Seriously, this kid is killing me. The benadryl makes her hyper then she crashes. Off to research face rashes. I don't think we're dealing with Fifths disease. We've been there done that. A doc at the school yesterday came up to ask if we knew yet what she has. No, we're just chancing an outbreak. That's how we roll. (Not really, hives is a common thing around here. I'm starting to think she's allergic to Memphis.)


Cheeseboy said...

Awesome, another man teacher that teaches younger grades. I knew I wasn't alone. I'd like to meet him.

Looks like you have some very great kids. Congratulations to all.

The Driskells said...

Congrats on all the awards and end of year fun! I LOVE the picture of Ray and his girls! That's a keeper!

Kim said...

Wow, quite the little achievers!!

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