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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jack's Room

Oh, I'm conflicted.... I should be rushing around, cleaning out, getting ready for the end of school madness. I'm not. Bria has hives. Today she had the whines and I promised to eat lunch with the big girls. Instead of mopping... I decided to sit down and research a bed for Jack.

I know I'm always behind the ball. I may have seen it before, but now that I have a boy who will need his own space... I've found Ohdeedoh. Seriously. I didn't need to find that site. I could stare all day and then wonder what to do with my stuff.

So I made blocks for Jack's room. I've picked up a couple of stuffed cars. Ray is working on building a bed. I thought I had an idea in my head... sort of a mish mash of retro little boy stuff. Then, I saw my friend Ginny's blog. My plans just went to hell in a hand basket.

I am not looking for the perfect pottery barn room. I have no idea what will be Jack's favorite thing in the world. He might like geckos or Bat Man or heaven forbid the University of Tennessee. He might want cars or airplanes or baseball or football. He might like whatever we tell him to like. I want him to have a nice space. I want to clean up the girls' spaces...AGAIN. I want to magically have Ginny's talent for handmade decorating and sewing and well everything else I'm not that great at. Most of all... I want my kids to pick their crap up so when it does look nice it stays like that. Trouble is, I don't pick my crap up that often. Maybe this post should have been titled Pick Up The Crap.

If you have super fantastic ideas for a boys room or a girls room or well a way to make all of us pick up our crap please pass it on.


The Putthoffs said...

I was having the exact same conflicts last night while searching on line for ideas for Adam's new room. Mary tells me what she wants and that helps so much. I'm seriously having trouble with a "boy" room. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I love the blogs you mentioned but honestly, it looks like no one lives there, just a movie set or some such. Where's the personal 'stuff'??

Chill. Have the basics and then decorate WITH Jack. It will give you time together to focus on HIM and what HE likes instead of plopping him into a fairy land sort of room that he has had no part in. Who wants that??! On top of all that he has likely been living in a bare bones sort of place. Full on decor would likely be very foreign and a little scary for him. Just a thought.

I wish I was there to help paint and such. I LOVE that stuff!!! And someday I AM GOING TO HAVE MY OWN HOUSE AND JUST GO CRAZY IN IT!!!! 8^)

Sharon Ankerich said...

I have two rooms to do~ one for two little girls and one for a little boy. :) We have a lot to do don't we??? I can't wait to see what you create!!!

Missy said...

My boys have always had a mish mash in their rooms. I would try to go with a John Deere theme and they would add Sponge Bob or Nascar. Just paint it blue and let him Decorate as he goes...
I am liking Camo right now because you cannot see the dirt! LOL

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