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Friday, May 6, 2011


We've been busy. We're busy watching the river rise and checking in with friends and family to make sure they are okay. So far, so good...

We've also been busy checking with our agency. We should have received the LOA from Ch*na. We have not. I get antsy when I think about it. A few weeks ago, we were thinking we might travel at the end of June. This week, the agency said it might be more like October. On top of that, I see other families getting updates. I would really like to have a few more pictures, to know that he's okay. I'm wondering why I ever read that book when the wait just seems to get longer. So I'm also busy trying not to worry.

We've been busy with Teacher Appreciation week. We are given a list of appropriate gifts for each day of the week. I faltered. I love our teachers this year. Love Them! I would love to do for them. At this point, I also need to be busy filling out a loan application or looking for a job. Adding to it, I'm the room mom so we'll also be celebrating a teacher birthday in that class this week. Oh. My. Word!

Aw yes, then there were field days. I spent a few hours taking a few hundred pictures of my big girls having fun just so I could get these three pictures...  

Hanan's field day was Tuesday afternoon. Bria and I walked to the school. We were rushing back home so that I could get the car to go through the car line when we two deer literally jumped on the path in front of us. The camera was in the back of the stroller so I missed it. Then we saw this guy...
The last two days have been crazy busy. Yesterday, I got up early, rushed the girls, went to Wal-Greens to get gift cards, dropped them off at school an hour early for Glee, went to the grocery with Bria to get food to make for friends who have a new baby, took it home through it the fridge, rushed Bria off to school, went to Arleigh's field day, ran errands for the teacher birthday party and took stuff back to Target and bought more at Target, came home to marinate meat for fajitas and start the beans, picked Bria up, finished grilling the meat and veggies, picked the big girls up, baked off dessert and made rice, loaded everything up with the girls and delivered the food, loved on the baby for all of 30 seconds, came home, served dinner, showered and then went back to the school for Arleigh's recorder concert, home again to get everyone in bed and clean up my mess. Was that the longest sentence ever?I literally did not stop until about nine last night when I fell into bed and read blogs.

Today, I have a meeting at the school to discuss Arleigh's education. Ray is off helping with tornado relief. There is a party for Hanan's teacher this afternoon. Somehow I'm supposed to fit a run in, and I need to buy two birthday presents for a party that Arleigh is going to since our half marathon was post poned. Oh yes, it was postponed to a time when we will be somewhere else.

I'm absolutely not complaining. I know everyone else is just as busy as we are. It is at least a fun busy. I'm taking pictures of the girls' best friends looking like this...
 And never fear... I'm still smiling.
I can't end without saying Happy Military Spouse Appreciation to my fellow military spouses. I hope you have a fabulous day and a wonderful weekend. Happy Derby to all my Kentucky peeps!            


The Driskells said...

My favorite part is the beautiful smile on your face! You're doing an awesome job, Super Mom!

BTW, why schedule a run? Sounds like you're getting plenty of exercise as is! : )

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yes, you have been busy! However, know this: Now that the 1/2 was postponed? You can come run one here with me. We'd rock!

Honey, you are all on my prayer list, because I can't wait for you to bring your little love home and hold him tight.

Missy said...

I can relate!
Love the field day photos!!
Happy Mother's Day!

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