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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Weekend In Kentucky

This week Grandma turned... 16 according to the girls. We decided to head north and help with the celebration. I'm so glad we did.

We thought it would storm so we had a quick round of fishing in our pajamas. 

 Sisters helped teach how to steer a car. Should I be afraid of Bria turning 16 since she refuses to watch the road?
 We caught the turtle we always wanted for Christmas. This little guy is a red eared slider who is still very much a baby. The turtle's name is Claudia because of the claws.
 We rode the mule to see the cows.
 Once or twice. There are always cows. Grandma drives the mule (a gator like vehicle) I ride in the back with one or two kids and possibly a dog or a turtle. Arleigh and Bria happened to be in front. The sun was finally coming out. I was having a hard time focusing.

Arleigh says, "Mom, what's that? Is that a dead cow?" I see something lying over. "No, I don't think so. Maybe it's a horse...Oh! No! Yes, honey, it's a cow. Maybe he's sleeping." We get to my uncle's house. My step brother has been putting sick cows in that field. The poor thing didn't make it. My children are experiencing life and death on a farm in one short mule ride.
 This dog still thinks he weighs about 8 pounds. I see it as a problem. Grandpa does not.
 We learned that turtles poop alot. A grotesque amount actually. Hanan was being a little bit selfish and a little bit worried. She didn't want to share her turtle with anyone else because "I don't know what I would do if I found out she died." We released Claudia back into her pond habitat.
We had a wonderful weekend. Grandma had a wonderful birthday dinner. We saw lots of old friends. That whole town reminds me of Cheers. We go back and everyone knows my name. The big girls falter between thinking their parents are celebrities and being really annoyed that we can't walk through Wal-Mart without being stopped. Yes, we went to Wal-Mart because I forgot to pack panties for Bria. A couple of hours in Hanan's were about all we could do.

What I love most about our trips to Grandma's is that the girls think that they have fallen in Alice's hole. It's all Wonderland, all the time. There is something magical for them about being able to run without me yelling about staying out of the road. Mule rides are like golden tickets to a huge adventure. They are allowed to pick up creatures and critters. They watched fascinated while a couple of snakes met an untimely death. Wild geese glide across the pond the second we walk away. Sometimes we see turkey. Sometimes we deer. Always, we see something.

We saw gardens being plotted. Corn was being planted...not sure the girls noticed. We attended a small church and worship was held outside, a last minute absolutely wonderful decision. Bria was lost for about 30 seconds when she was supposed to be in a toddler class because she decided to hide in a play barn.

Needless to say, it was a wonderful weekend. I hope Grandma's is always this magical.

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