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Monday, April 4, 2011

Silent Tears

I spent part of the weekend reading the book, Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope In A Chinese Orphanage.
There are so many things to say, I don't even know where to start.

I had a hard time understanding why Ch*na for a bit. It was so far off my radar. I think I've said before I thought we would find ourselves in some country that could envision myself visiting often with mission work. Ch*na isn't that country. The fact is, every child needs a home. Every child needs a family. There are horrible conditions in every part of the world, even the United States. This book shows real descriptions from someone who lived there of just how bad things can be. As bad as they are in the orphanage, they are worse if you are forced out.

My eyes have been opened to several things. First, there are third world conditions in Ch*na. It's hard to picture all the poverty when you watch the news and hear all that you hear about their economy and the manipulation of currency. I have heard descriptions of the culture. These first hand stories of real children really put it all in perspective.

My heart is breaking as I read this book and think of Jack sitting in one of these orphanages. I pray that his ayi is compassionate. I selfishly hope that since we let the orphanage know immediately that he has a family pursuing him, they are kind to him if they weren't before. I'm praying for all the other children who are waiting. I'm wishing I could see him and make sure he's okay. I look at his little shaved head and think about how hair cutting day is described in the book. I wonder what would happen if I asked the orphanage to just let his hair grow? I wonder if I can do anything from here to help anyone show him compassion while he waits and I pray.  I pray alot that he is content and healthy. I hope they are preparing him for his transition into a family but I just don't know.

If you have any interest in orphan care, I recommend this book.  It is journal entries by a kind American who found herself in a foreign country in a position to help these children. She worked diligently to affect change in the hearts of the people who are caring for them. In doing so, she changes the well being of many children. She tells the story so that others might be able to help change the course of the life of many others.

All that said, by my mother's birthday this Saturday, we will have been waiting for 30 days for our LOA. Anywhere around 30 days is the average. In order to travel this summer, before school starts, we really need that letter. It could take more than 60 days for it to get here. If your inclined, please pray that we get our LOA very soon so we can get Jack home.

If you are interested, there is a book trailer...

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