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Thursday, April 14, 2011

On With The Running

I'm pretty sure I scared the life out of Bria tonight. I failed miserably at a long run today because my shins felt like someone went at them with a meat tenderizer mallet. Bria made the mistake of leaning on my left shin while I was sitting with her in the floor. If we weren't at a Girl Scout meeting I'm pretty sure I would have screamed...then cried.

No worries. I left my new favorite place to run and went directly to the Navy Exchange. They had my shoes in my size. I got them even though they were the only ones not on sale. I picked up some new socks too. I didn't manage to ignore the cashier when she was checking out my shoe size. I broke the ice by telling her that yes they are the size of hobbit feet but I try to make sure they're not that hairy. She let me get on the road.

Tomorrow... dreadmill. No excuses. Tell me again, why did I sign up for another half marathon? Why when we were out of town last week and next week Bria doesn't have school and then we'll be gone for Easter? What was I thinking? I'm pretty sure you can't really train on a dreadmill. I think I'm in trouble.

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