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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Morning Thoughts

It's been a long weekend, a long, long weekend. Somehow it seemed to go by too quickly as well. I guess that's because we didn't get that much time with Ray. He got home from Maryland Saturday afternoon. He magically missed me trying to entertain Bria while Hanan had a friend over because Arleigh scared me to death stayed out a bit late at a movie with friends. He also missed our church Easter Egg Hunt and cookout. He was here for dieing eggs. (Is it dieing or dying?) He also got to witness an extremely dramatic event during our worship service at church. I'll get to that in a minute.

I know there are civilian peeps who have traveling husbands. I am very aware of how blessed I am to have Ray home as often as I do. It's been a long time since we've had a long deployment and I am very, very grateful. He's also gone...alot. I was very aware of that Saturday at the egg hunt. We'll start with I have pictures of Bria, Alreigh and Hanan not so much. I decided it was best if I stayed close to her and let the other two fend for themselves. It worked okay until I sat down to help out at the face painting table and mid face...on Arleigh... Bria decided she had to at that very moment go to the bathroom. I asked Hanan to take her which wouldn't have been a problem but they announced that Arleigh and Hanan's group were needed for their egg hunt. I finished Arleigh's face and ran for the bathroom forgetting the new building addition had a bathroom. That's where Hanan was. I told her to go now, I would help Bria. Bria finished up and washed her hands. I went back to my station with her at the face painting table to find Hanan waiting patiently for her face to be painted. When the age of the hunt is 8-12, there is no way there would be eggs left. I had her run. She was in tears. She did manage of few eggs and one sweet friend shared with her. Her sisters shared too. Bria got enough eggs for all three girls and totally scored with the pinata candy too. We have candy coming out our ears.

We came home for Family Night... pizza, movie and coloring eggs. It was fun. My house is even more of a Monday morning disaster though. As I was putting eggs back the refridgerator I was thinking about how wasteful it seemed. By the time we were finished, dropping eggs and too much dye, not one of those eggs is salvageable. Then I realized eggs are one of the things that are affordable at the grocery. For a couple of bucks, we had a great time together.

Then Sunday morning, Arleigh packed up some of the candy for Bria and we were off to church. Our worship service had only just started. I handed Bria a bag of Skittles. She's never put more than one or two in her mouth at a time. Didn't even think. I heard a cough. Looked down... she's near choking. I pick her up, tell her to spit the candy out. She gets a little out. I see a wierd looking piece. I start pulling. A friend sitting behind me said it looked like a clown pulling a scarf out of her mouth, it just kept coming. By that time she's breathing but coughing and gagging. I grab her sweater because I know it's coming... she throws up all over both of us. Yum. The poor lady directly behind us is gagging but I'm not moving until I know the choking is done. Finally, I scoop her up and I'm in the bathroom. We clean up what we can. Arleigh brings me the bag. It's bad. Bria had on this gorgeous dress my mom had just bought her. Now, stained a lovely shade of orange. (No worries Mom, it came out.) We take communion and load every one up and leave.

Long, long weekend. On our way back to church last night, we came up on a wreck that looked more like a teenager had broken down in the middle of the road. Ray got out to help her. He gets her to the side of the road. We go on to church and make it there on time miraculously but Bria was sound asleep. I'm sure a few people thought we brought a sick child to church but she's anything but sick if you could hear her giving her sisters the what for this morning.

Oh, did I mention Arleigh has hives. She's got some sort of skin allergy and Benadryl isn't touching it. I guess there is a doctor's appointment in our future.

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Missy said...

We have had hives and rashes for two weeks. I am so not ready for Easter. No dress clothes, no baskets, no goodies...

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