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Friday, April 29, 2011


Our friend Melissa is very special to us. When we lived in Virginia, she was our go to house sitter for the puppy. My girls don't just love Melissa, they ADORE HER! Melissa got to show up for a girls' night. She was their favorite babysitter. Last fall, she came to Memphis to help her sister move and totally saved us again! She watched the girls so Ray and I could dash off at the crack of dawn and run a race. Melissa is awesome.

I got a note from her last week. She would be in town to see her sister again. Her sister after waiting for a very long time, finally landed a job. Melissa needed a ride from the airport. We agreed that I wouldn't tell the girls. She was sitting in the car when I picked them up from school.

First, there were looks of confusion...then jumping and screaming and tons of squealing. Melissa was here! She needed to get to her sister's home for dinner. Hanan was supposed to be geocaching for Girl Scouts. We only got about an hour but it was well worth it.

Thanks for making time for us Melissa! We love having you around!

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