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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day

My favorite April Fool's Day was all the way back there in 2008. The big girls were old enough to get it. I pulled off the prank that will never be forgotten. You can read about it here. I am absolutely giddy thinking about next year. I am going to enlist the big girls in helping me recreate the prank for Bria and Jack. Wonder if they will see it coming? It's going to hard to top this reaction...

I'm really not sure if Hanan has ever forgiven me.

Last year, I opened a bag of Cheetos. I never buy Cheetos. It's apparently a problem for everyone else around here. I had snack sized bags of Cheetos, opened them and replaced them with carrot sticks. I used double stick tape and put the bags back together. Hanan, my nonvegetable eater, has really never forgiven me.

This year, I made faux grilled cheese sandwiches for their lunch box, as see in Family Fun. It's toasted pound cake and frosting to look like cheese.

I used the Sara Lee pound cake. The slices were too small. It didn't look this great. I figure have a cake sandwich in your lunchbox is joke enough.

I also made a big deal about looking for my double stick tape last night. This morning they noticed tamped Cheeto bags in their lunches again. The guessing game began as to what I put in the Cheeto bag. I left the Cheetos this year and slid in a Gotcha note. Again, they're at school. I have  no pictures. I plan to hear about that there day for the rest of the year though and that's enough for me.


Darcee said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! You are the COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLEST Mom Evaaaaah! I LOVE IT!!! That would be my FAVORITE lunch for lIFE!! YUM! Way to go Momma!! :)

Thena said...

I've never thought about carrots looking like cheetos. Good one.

Kim said...

I am sure that my six year old would have MUCH prefered your pound cake sandwich over what I did! I moved her snack from her lunch box to her backpack and replaced it with a jar of baby food, spoon, and bib.. hehe! She is Miss. Popular at school, so at first she was MAD at me because kids were laughing. But then she admitted that it was because it was FUNNY! I promised to never do another April Fools joke again, but she said no, no, you can!! I think she realized that it was cool because no one else's mom played a trick on them at school :O).

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

You know? I love this day. I love these ideas. I never have cheetos here either. Dude, we should fix that...or not!!!!

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