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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Few Things

In case you've been waiting forever to find out about my little friend in the limo. Her family is part of a car service. We found out she's dropped off in a variety of expensive cars each day. I'm not sure if they own the car service but they have access to all of the cars. So that's an answer to one question.

The next thing is worry. I know I'm not supposed to. I know the only thing I can do about the situation is pray. What am I worried about? ...the government shut down. In case you didn't know, our government might shut down in just two short days. That means our troops won't be paid right away. Now, I would be lying if I tell you that it wouldn't be aggravating to us. It would. Selfishly my real worry is our adoption. It has already been slow as molasses at some points. Since reading that book I mentioned, our thoughts are consumed with just getting Jack home. This shutdown could seriously slow everyone down, all international adoptions. So, let's pray that it doesn't happen for all those kids who are waiting.

As someone who has sent her husband to a desert and tried to manage everything by herself, I realize how hard it can be. I know it was hard on Ray while he was gone to wonder if everything at home is going well. So, can you imagine the enlisted troop overseas fighting in a war zone? Spouses and children are left at home often barely making ends meet. I realize that back pay will happen. Back pay doesn't mean very much when you are living check to check and have bills to pay. I don't know which way you lean, but for all the people whose livelihoods will be effected, please pray that our government can come to an agreement. Even better, a balanced budget would be great.

Finally, I am one month away from my next half. It's my least favorite part of training. Not that you need to know... it's just on my mind. Running is taking up alot of my spare time these days.

Finally Bria is the Super Star of the Day at her "school." I use the term school loosely. It's a Mother's Day Out program. She's excited. I'll post pictures of her special poster later. Right now, I'm off to get more pictures and snacks for her special day.


Anonymous said...

How do you know about the girl?

Anonymous said...

ThAt was me arleigh

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