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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Checking In

Arleigh is still dealing with hives. Hanan has a tick bite that is making her itch like crazy. That just means I'm applying cream like crazy. Arleigh had a field trip today that I missed because I was at Bria's Easter party. Oh, the Easter party that I had to bring extra stuff to and the candy that's scaring the life out of me after her little "Let's see if I can eat a whole bag of Skittles" episode.

We're headed to see Ray's parents this weekend. His dad is in the hospital right now because of chest pains. I just received a text that he's being released tonight. We're glad to know it wasn't more serious.

Are you keeping up? Good. 'Cause I'm not.

Bria is on break. I'm still trying to train for the half and today that happened in 35 mph winds. Oh, it's also 90 degrees. Saturday I froze my rear off at the egg hunt. At least I had sun. I'm much happier running in sunshine. I'm wondering how I can push the stroller uphill in 35mph winds... Dread mill wins!

Did I mention we're officially past 40 days waiting for an LOA? (the next step in adoption talk) Still waiting but I had to sign papers today and send them off saying I'm aware the post adoption process will change if we don't get out travel approval before August 1. Can we just get to the adoption part already?

My mom is in a parade in my hometown Saturday. I really hate that I'm missing it. If any of my Sedalia peeps are reading this, please send me pictures!

That's all for now. Piano, laundry, packing, and who knows what else awaits!

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Cheeseboy said...

Things continue to be chaos in your life, eh? Glad FIL is fine, hope he is doing better. Looking forward to hearing about the adoption.

heidi said...

You sound bored. Are you bored?

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