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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


As I finished a run that was about 7 miles shorter than it needed to be yesterday (but still long enough to make me want to throw up and smell like a goat) I was thinking about how I don't feel as old as I am. My cousins are all 9-11 years older than me. I remember when they hit an age much younger than mine I thought they were done...toast... over it all already. I still don't think I feel as old as I thought they were way back then. As a side note, they all look better than I do now. Seriously. It's a crime of nature.

Anyway, I got up this morning with my bones cracking and shuffling my feet for the first few steps instead of picking them up. Oh no! I'm old. You can't say I'm getting there without a fight. I wash my face more now. I wonder if that's why I have more breakouts now than I had at 15? I'm outside more. The girls laugh because I say I'm only happy with a full dose of Vitamin D for the day. That usually means I've been outside for a little bit. As a side note, if the storms here don't stop my feathers are going to be so ruffled someone could make a nice down pillow.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you a peek at my war on aging. It started way back when I was pregnant with Bria and was apparently too old to be having babies. I was at that time taking iron too. My doctor recommended a vitamin regimen to help me out. It's grown and changed a bit. Let me introduce you to my morning ritual.

My latest friend is Biotin. Apparently it's supposed to help keep my hair from breaking off and washing down the drain. I haven't decided yet. If it does, the $4 was worth saving myself from the plumbing problems. Don't tell Ray I said this (Ray stop reading right here.) plumbing isn't his strong suit...if you need a carpenter or an electrician... he's your man.

The low dose aspirin and fish oil are for the ticker. My family has a pretty serious history of heart disease. I'm trying to fight it off. So far, no cholesterol medication for me. I do take a couple of Fish Oil horse pills a day to stave it off though.

There's the Glucosamine and Chondroitin for my cracking joints. Their bark is much worse than their bite. I'm just hoping to keep it that way.

Then there is the Calcium. I used to take Vitamin D to help absorb it. Ray decided that I was getting enough D in the multivitamin to skip it. I don't have a problem with my bones just yet. My problem is with milk. I'm not lactose intolerant. My stomach can totally handle spicy milk. My taste buds, not so much. Unless it's Icelandic Chocolate milk, than I've all over it. That milk would also be all over my hips.

Then there's the Multivitamin. Again, started with a pregnancy. My diet is much better than it used to be, but I just think I need it to cover me.

Finally my last supplement. It's the one I'm taking religiously, two capsules, three times a day. It's St. John's Wart. A friend recently told me it was the cure for bitchy, PMS, a really ugly bad mood. She also says it takes a few weeks to kick in. I'll let you know. Pretty sure Ray would tell you it hasn't kicked in yet.

Why did I have the need to tell you all this? I'm not sure. Maybe I just wanted a reason for you to comment and let me know the only thing I'm getting out of my morning regimen is an extra two glasses of water and expensive pee.

Are you doing anything to hold off old age?


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I look JUST like you! Except my ADHD means I usually forget to take most of them.

Missy said...

I need to smell like a goat! LOL
I decided last night I needed to start on some supplements... I am writing down your list!

Anonymous said...

When I was 35 I did vitamin therapy for PMS. It worked so well people started asking me if I was on something! It got so I could hardly swallow all those pills and I switched to one tiny antidepressant. LOTS easier! At 56 I now have osteopenia so do the CA w/D twice a day (horse pills!) & Fosamax once a week, claratin, nose spray & eye drops for allergies and biotin for my splitty fingernails. Still not seeing any change there but the dermatologist said it can take a long time. I went to Weight Watchers & lost a ton...okay not a ton but 60 lbs as an effort to stave off the family diabetes. It also helped me to REALLY start eating a healthy diet.

FWIW, when my oldest was filling out her health stuff for college she looked up from all the diseases in our combined families and said, "Why don't I just kill myself now?" Since then she has developed MS, which was not even on that list. You just take your chances no matter what!! 8^)

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