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Saturday, March 26, 2011


So I got everything together. After a day afternoon an hour at the ballpark, watching their cousin play baseball in the rain, I got the big girls together to draw the name. I wanted to show their cute faces because Bria is always home with me getting all the attention as she thinks it should be. They drew the name and made the announcement. I emailed the video from my phone. Those always pop right up. Today, no joy.

So... no video post unless it shows up after this post. I do want to take a second to thank you for spreading the world about water needs around the world. I will admit to making a big mistake when I wrote that post about 10 minutes before I went to bed. I should have offered you another chance to win with a blog post. Why didn't you tell me?

All that to what you really want to know... the winner is....

Sara from Domestically Challenged

Sara, please send me your address unless you think that I really am stalking you and the size shirt you would like to have and I'll happily deliver it to the frozen place in which you live.

Thanks for playing. I did have fun. Maybe I'll do it again soon.

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