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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Chicken For Your Mama

I was the joke of our family and maybe slightly frustrating to some at Christmas this year because when anyone asked me what I wanted for Christmas my answer was, "A goat." I can be honry like that sometimes. Truly, that's what I wanted... a goat to be delivered to a family in Honduras.

Honestly, right this second I can think of several things that I want... like a 147 Mayvall bag

or some of those cute Toms wedges.

Honestly, apart from a new pair of running shoes that my shins would sing praises of thanks for there is really nothing that I need for myself right now.

One of the big huge things I took away from !dea Camp was that mothers in other countries love their children just as much as I love mine. They just don't have the same opportunities to provide for their children. By opportunities, I mean clean water, food, and financial provisions to send their children to school. It's something I have a hard time wrapping my mind around. What if I couldn't feed my children? Their wants are so very different from mine. Their wants are based around what they truly need.  Sooo.....

Mother's Day and my anniversary are not that far away. This time... I'm going with chickens.

Bread for a Hungry World is one of my favorite organizations. If they offered me a job I might decide to come out of retirement. They stand by the old theory, "Teach the Gospel always, when necessary use words." A very sweet friend of mines knows the founder from her college days. One day I hope I can have a conversation with him.

Enjoy the video and consider getting your mama a chicken.

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Darcee said...

Ooooooooh I LOVE this!!! I want to post the Bread for a Hungry World on my FB! I LOVE THIS IDEA!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I want some CHICKENS toooo.... and I wanna give SOME chickens to my MOM!! :) ♥ THANKS for sharing! What a TOTALLY cool ministry!!! YAY! ♥

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