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Friday, March 4, 2011


I'm having a hard time blogging. All I want to talk about is little man. I'm not really allowed to talk about him yet. I'm also still processing the !dea Camp. I could go on and and on but I won't. It's time lighten things up around here. No worries. Nothing heavy here for your weekend.

I was thinking about signs the other day. I'm asked all the time about the signs we see along our adoption process. So happy to talk about that too but it reminded me of something that happened the day before we left for camp.

I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Have I mentioned that I never leave my children? In ten years I've left them on two occasions for an overnight trip. One of those occasions was just a couple of months ago. I've never left them for a weekend. I was a little bit wrecked trying to make sure the house was clean and stocked and everything was great for my mom and my aunt. Of course, about an hour before the cavalry was due to arrive, our pest control guy shows up. With pest control guy is some guy from the state checking to make sure he wasn't poisoning us with the chemical mixture. They are both sweet as can be and I left them to wander the house spraying and looking for bugs while I continued to pack.

A few minutes later I hear two grown men in a literal fit of laughter. Folks, they were hee hawing. I had no idea. From listening in on the monitor I was pretty sure they were in the big girls' room. I had no idea. I came around the corner and the man from the state says, "I love the sign." I smiled and said something like, "I know." This is how crazy I was... I never saw it.

I was picturing their artistic signs...

Then I remembered their Keep Out signs. Doesn't every kid have one of these? What's so funny about that? They do have a little sister. It was pretty evident with her running around in the way. 

That's when I saw it...
 "No Tooting Allowed" 
"P.S. Except Arleigh and Hanan"
"Bria not is allowed"

Only my children...

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