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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Riding In The Car With Bria

Life is ever interesting with Bria, especially in the car.

Nana Bonnie and Grandma recently witnessed one such occasion. Lately during pew packers, the kids have been singing "Jesus Loves Me." They think it's hilarious to sing it without the "me." I think it started from another song and snowballed. Bria tries it out in the car. She smacks herself in the mouth usually at the "I" as in "This     know." Completely weird and adorable.

Bria also screams. It could be because I'm on the phone and refuse to immediately start singing the "Ibby Bibby Pider Song." AKA "The Itsy Bitsy Spider." It could also be because I'm lacking in the juice and snack department or because I refuse to get something from the McDonald's or Burger King that is conveniently placed inside every gas station. After a solid 3 hours of fighting non stop with Hanan one morning, she cried for her Hanan all the way home after we dropped Hanan off at a birthday party.

Lately, she's mostly sweet. She tells me about school. She wants to make sure I know who got a treat and who was naughty. She's also started tennis lessons. I'm pretty sure I'll get a phone call that another kid has a concussion from her tennis racket but it's something new they are offering at her mother's day out program. I'm hoping it encourages a nap. She tries to explain proper form on Thursdays. She also talks about Jack.

Bria's heard us talk alot about Jack. She's heard us talk about what he can and can't do. She's heard excitement with the latest update. So yesterday she asked, "Can Jack talk?" I told her can but he speaks a different language. Ray has been trying to teach us all a few phrases to help when he comes home. Bria is actually picking it up way better than the rest of us. I told her that's why Daddy was teaching her how to say I love you in Chinese.

She then said, "Well I need to know how to say hugs and kisses too. Jack needs them."

Melt my heart.

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Missy said...

Oh, how sweet! I cannot wait to see pics of Jack!

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