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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Spring Break

This week it's Spring Break. Ray has been gone and will be gone over the next couple of months. I wasn't sure that he would want to go anywhere. He did! We got a cabin on a little mountain outside of Huntsville. Tucker was allowed to tag along so it all seemed perfect. 

We went caving in Cathedral Caverns. The girls enjoy walking through the caves. It was kind of freaky to see how high the water had just been inside. We saw a megaladon tooth in the roof of the cave. It is one of the largest natural cave openings in the world. Pretty interesting stuff... then their favorite part. They got to mine for gems. They each now have a huge pile of rocks.

 We played outside and went for a long hike once we got to the cabin. Good thing too because the weather wasn't so great for the rest of our time there.
 We went to the Rocket Museum in Huntsville. We watched a movie about the Hubble. We made our own lava lamp and shot off our own rocket. There are more pictures on Facebook Mom. The favorite part of this museum was riding a Mars Rover. Bria wanted to ride everything and we all suffered through several meltdowns when she wasn't tall enough. I hope this isn't in a ride in her future...

 Rain delay the next day... We went to a really cool science museum. The big girls loved it. Ray loved shaping his own river and sending little ball boats down the currents, true navy man. They sat through an earthquake, stood in a tornado, learned alot about electricity. Then we went to see Tangled at the $1 movie.

That night, we enjoyed cupcakes for Jack's birthday. Bria insisted on boy cupcakes. When Jack gets here, we'll be able to tell him he's a Stiff. Birthdays while camping and last minute cupcakes from a local Wal-Mart are all part of a Stiff family tradition.

 Here's the cabin we stayed in... right on the side of the mountain. Beautiful views. It was built in 1938 as part of a works program during the depression. I can't imagine how they got up that mountain to build so many stone cabins back then.
 On the way home, we drove by Helen Kellar's birthplace. We didn't fork out the money to go into the little house. Then we found a really great park. We had a picnic lunch, fed the ducks and got some wiggles out before coming home.

So far, it's been a pretty successful spring break. We're passing a crud around now but I hope the sunlight kills it!


Cheeseboy said...

I am so jealous. Our Spring Break is not until late April. Oh well, you'll be jealous of me then,

That is a really cool looking old cabin. And that little kids museum looks like a ton of fun.

Saimi said...

That cabin is the coolest and your girls are adorable I love the picture of your youngest one with the puckered lips...too cute!

Looks like you guys had a fabulous spring break, I can't wait for ours, one more week to go!! YAY!!

Tony Van Helsing said...

Sounds like you guys had a busy time. Great pictures.

heidi said...

What a fantastic time!!! I just made my kids clean for spring break. LOL

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