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Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Memories

It's Valentine's Day but the big girls' school celebrated Friday, Ray is on a jet plane to who knows where, Bria's party has been postponed until tomorrow so I'm not really feeling the love of the day even though there are four chocolate filled hearts sitting on my counter. There's that and the weekend...

It started out great. I took Hanan to the Girl Scout World Thinking Day. 
 She was selected to represent Italy's costume.
 They did a little spider dance.
 We also learned all sorts of things. At one point I asked her what her favorite fact about Egypt was. She said she learned that their country's religion was "Mule-ism." We went back and learned about the Muslim religion. Another highlight was being able to touch a piece of the Berlin wall. It was a little surreal trying to explain that to a group of eight-year-olds.

I stopped by to feed my friend's chickens. They had a death in the family and we had the pleasure of feeding the chicks and
 collecting the eggs. The really warm hot one might have freaked me out a bit. Our first day, we collected 5 eggs.

 The big girls decided that they wanted a hair cut for Valentine's Day. I like it but I'm sad that they look even older. I'm pretty sure the next time I blink Arleigh will be taller than I am.
We even enjoyed a really great family dinner on Saturday night. We went to my favorite Mexican place. We shared fajitas that we hadn't ordered before. We decided that Tye Tye really needs to try them.

Things were going along just fine and then... You know how one person can make a comment or a passing remark or just hold you down for a second to redirect your attention and everything sort of spins out of control? That's sort of how I feel. While I would like to get every blasted thing off my chest say more, I realize that this is not the place to do it. Instead of rewriting and deleting like I've been doing, I'll just leave it at that. We'll choose to remember the haircuts and world thinking that this weekend gave us.

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you are able to enjoy it with your Sweetheart.


heidi said...

We did Thinking Day this weekend, too. Our country was Scotland.

LOVE their hair!!! Isn't it funny how something simple like that completely changes them?

Sorry someone got to you. Repeat after me: "I can not control how other people act, I can only control how I REact to them." And if that fails? Find out where they live and TP they're house.

Cheeseboy said...

I am an avid follower of Mule-ism. My wife tells me I'm an ass all the time.

Great photos, good times. Didn't think kids collected eggs any more.

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