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Monday, February 14, 2011

Photo Storage

Holy more money Batman! I had planned this cute little post about my adventures in Chicken Sitting. Then I get the message. I am at my limit for photo storage. What would adventures in Chicken Sitting be without pictures? You know the thought of me with hay and overalls I know you just want to see my kids getting their cute on.

I've been wanting a new look. We've been throwing around words like domain name and Wordpress recently. I've thought about adding a recipe tab. Wouldn't you know my I.T. guy is not currently available. I'm an old dog who hates to learn new tricks which is a whole other problem.

So... do I bother? Do you have experience with such? I'm not happy right now. I wanted to tell you all about chicken scratch and warm eggs and compost. I am a hick country girl at heart. Plus, Hanan and farm animals is like, well, a pig in stink. Tell me your thoughts on photo storage. Are photos necessary for bloggers. (I know you need them Mom.) Do I switch to wordpress? Any blog looks that I don't know about that you like?

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves and remember I crave comments like... chickens and scratch...


Ukash said...
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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Chickens, huh? I'm game. Wait, unless these are the scratching kind. They scare me.

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