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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hanan's Investiture Ceremony

 Hanan's Brownie Investiture Ceremony was last week. Her troop got started a little late as a combination of a Brownie and a Daisy troop. She was so excited to finally be a girl scout. Her troop leader is fabulous.

The girls drew out of hat what they were to bring for their Girl Scout Trail Mix...things like Cheerios because Girl Scouts are well rounded. Hanan drew Animal Crackers. There couldn't be a better choice for our aspiring vet/zoo keeper. The leader announced that Hanan was adding the animal crackers to represent the fact that Girl Scouts care for all of God's creatures.
 They each stood up to recite the Girls' Scout Pledege. All eyes were on the baby sister on the front row.
 Then Hanan received her pin. She was very excited. Can you believe that she is at least as old as the girl two steps behind her? She has some growing to do before fourth grade!
It was a really great night. Bria even waited on the van to throw a whopper of a fit. I'm so proud of Hanan and all the she is learning about courage, respect and commitment with her troop. It's helping her step out of her shell. While I would prefer that they were in the same troop, I know this is a really great opportunity for Hanan to shine without feeling like she's in the shadow of her big sister.

Way to go Hanan! We're so proud of you and we love you!

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