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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Her Eyes

First, I feel like I should update you. Hanan's friend did not have to have surgery. The doctors were planning pins, cuts, and all sorts of things when someone decided the break was actually a bend break and could be set without a cut. He saw an orthopedist on Monday who reset the bone, put a shiny new blue cast on and he is already back to his rambunctious self. The only worry now is a ski trip to CO that was planned later this month. Not sure they will make it. Thank goodness for travel insurance.

Other updates... we are in limbo with the adoption. Everything is out of our hands right now. Our dossier is being passed from point A to point B and we have no control over it. God does though. We are trusting (and I'm doing a awful lot of prayerful begging) that it gets where it needs to be so that we might just have a referral before the end of the month. I'm anxious to see a face with that name we've been praying for and moving on to the next phase, even if it makes waiting harder.

Speaking of waiting... Bria, who wasn't the most anxious person to add to our family when we started this process has come a long, long way. She tells us every day that her sisters' room needs to move upstairs because her brother is going to sleep downstairs. She also calls him Jack. I should probably take the poll down because I'm pretty sure she has named him for us. She tells me how they will play, that she will share (which is nothing short of a miracle) and where he will sleep, sit and even potty. It's terribly cute. She also tells us he will be a big boy so he can play with her. I thought it was only our family that she told her brother about. I was wrong.

On Sunday mornings Bria's class has been talking about family. She has been learning about how God created her family, how thankful she should be, etc. This week, they talked about the homes our families live in. She was supposed to take a page from a magazine that looked like her room and tell her teachers what she is thankful for. This week she insisted that her brother get his own page too because he will be in class with her. (probably not but please don't tell our little Napoleon that) She carefully chose these pictures.

When I went to pick her up, one of her teachers was in the back trying to tell me how sweet Bria was and I needed to see what she did. This doesn't happen often so she clearly had my attention. Bria proudly handed me these pictures. Her other teacher told me she wanted to make sure Jack had one of everything too, even though he's not here.

After church, the main teacher of the class came to me. I should tell you first, Sunday was hard. It was one of those Sundays that I got up thinking I had it under control and then the bottom fell out. I couldn't get it together. One, who normally doesn't have meltdowns, had a serious one. I was angry with her for choosing that moment to flip out about something that was clearly important to her but not me. She was also trying to draw a line about how much control I personally have over her. We needed to get to church. I didn't have time for the hour long talk she probably needed. It was a looong morning worth it's own post. When we were at church, we were rushing to get the potluck dishes where they were supposed to be and everyone to class. Then Ray was in charge of the audio booth which meant he wouldn't be sitting with us. Then I got caught in the middle of a pew, never a good place to be with a buck wild toddler in case you need to escape. Then.. then... then... By the time the service was over, all I could think about was a nap but there was a potluck. So when I saw Bria's teacher walking over to speak with me, all I could think was, "What now?"

This sweet woman proceeded to tell me that she saw God in Bria's eyes that morning. (insert tears here) She told me how sweet she was talking about her brother, insisting that prayers were said for him to keep him safe. She apparently told her teachers everything she had been telling us about what would happen when her brother comes home. She told me we will have one lucky boy if his sister loves on him half as much when he gets here as she did in class that morning.

I don't have to tell you how sweet it was. Tears were welling in my eyes. I just wanted to grab her and hug her. The storm with the unnamed child blew over. We talked. We repaired. All was right with the world until the next storm comes. With three little girls I'm sure it had blown in by the afternoon. Either way, this calm in the eye of our storm is one of those moments that I want to remember forever. The pictures are scanned and put away so one day Jack will know how much he was wanted by all of us before we even saw his face.


Kim said...

Oh my, tears are welling in MY eyes! How sweet it is that she already loves her baby brother SO much!!

Missy said...

What a sweet child! I will continue to pray for your adoption!

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