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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Again...The Car Line

Oh.... the dreaded car line. Are you tired of hearing me fuss about it yet? Instead of telling myself how grateful I am that I have my big old mom mobile and healthy children to shove out on the sidewalk, I'm going to throw a big fat hissy fit about the people in said car line.

Arleigh gets stressed about things. She got another golden ticket this week (Yay Arleigh) and this means she has to use her before the bell morning time to go to the guidance counselor, pick up a pencil and put her name on the kindness board. This combined with the fact that she must write social studies reports in the classroom apparently puts her stress level over the edge. This means, Arleigh puts my stress level over the edge.

This morning, not ready for the world, I drove them to school a bit earlier to relieve the stress levels and give Arleigh some extra seconds. Let me take a second and explain how this works. There are kids who walk to school. There are kids who ride the bus to school. There are kids like mine, who are dropped off by parents, siblings, grandparents, and well, you know the drill. I drive up a hill to the back part of the school. I make a loop. The kids jump out onto a sidewalk and into the back door. There are always people there. The bell rings at 8:45 and the kids are allowed into the building at 8:45.  I could say something else about the afternoon bell ringing at 4 but my kids are always in my car by about 3:50...hmmm.

Here's the problem. The line starts to form at some point a bit after 8:30. The kids are not allowed in until after 8:45. There is no supervision for the kids standing at the door waiting to get in. There are parents that park in the line and wait for the supervisors of the children to come out. There are others who let their kids out, pull out of the line and speed off. The line then creeps up to the next spot. By the time the bell rings, the line is now down the hill, and back down one block and circles to the next. You don't want to get in line after say, 8:46 or your child will never be in their seat when the bell rings much less have their early bird done. Early bird is a whole other post.

Anywho... there is a new kind of parent. This parent's time is more important than mine. I really don't know why since I can see in your car and I know you are in your pajamas. If you just stayed in line like everyone else, no one would have known. Anyway, this parent has learned that some parents pull off, leaving a hole for a second just before the bell rings. So they drive around the line of waiting parents and wait to dart in the hole left by someone pulling off. Safe right? This morning as my head was turned to the right making sure everyone had lunch boxes and were safely out of the car, one of these people not only cut me off in a LINE but also gave me the perfect blind spot so that I didn't see pedestrians walking in front of me. Luckly I saw them before they approached the bumper of my mom mobile. If looks could kill, you know where I would be... As I sat there, waiting on the pedestiran to finish the evil eye, the stupid pajama mom cut me off and proceeded to block me in.

I hate car lines. I hate for teachers and administration to constantly wave me forward when I have no where to go. I hate that other people try to cheat and cut line...lovely example for the elementary student in their car. I hate that I can sometimes allow my self esteem to take a shot when I see the pretties there. I hate that the principal stands on the hill scolding adults for whatever they are doing in their car. I hate that I drive away judging people. Maybe I should start praying for them all instead. Of all these things I hate, I still say it's better than putting my kids on a bus. What am I thinking?


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

The car line puts me at a high stress level, and I don't have to participate! There is just NO good way, is there?
But you are right, it is WAY better than the bus. (TRUST ME!!!)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should homeschool - and not deal with any of the nuts.

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