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Monday, January 10, 2011


Why does everyone want what everyone else has?

Why does it eventually lead to my three-year old proclaiming in the middle of our family room while stomping her foot, "I want an iPhone!"

Why do these two, make me simultaneously want to scream and get another puppy?
Why does the school system have to wait and call three separate phones, at three separate times, all in my house two minutes after I put the napoleonic three-year old to bed? It had been snowing for two hours. Usually if someone predicts snow, school is canceled immediately.

Why did the system at the base decide to call three different phones at three different times at 5 freakin' a.m.? The snow stopped in the middle of the night. I'm pretty sure everyone knew that everything on this side of TN would shut down by about 9 last night.
Why is it that every time someone from my real life mentions my blog, I feel like I freeze up kind of like Arleigh in this picture? Why does it seem so hard to say, "Thanks. I'm glad you enjoy it."? Why am I so quick to start to wonder if I've ever said anything to offend anyone? I'm pretty sure everything I say on here, I would say to anyone I know. I think. Except, maybe the pretties. Why do I need to rethink this?

Why am I now really worried about the punctuation of the above sentences?

Finally why do I feel the need to post gratuitous pictures of my beautiful children in incredibly awkward poses? Because they're cute. That's why.

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