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Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Ponderings...

As I sat in the car line yesterday, I discovered a few more things. First, Ray sometimes thinks I'm crazy for leaving and getting in line early. Yesterday I was about 5 minutes later than I normally am. It has happened before. That 5 minutes cost me 15. I got home almost 20 minutes later than I normally do. I will continue to get in line a bit early, but I absolutely won't be the person in line an hour early. Why do they do that?

The second thing was as I sat there people watching... I thought of on the ponderings that might have happened about me during this school year. Thought I would share...
  • Pajamas and no bra, really? (Only a few times but yeah. I'm hoping the mommobile hides me on those days. Most days I don't wear shoes but only because I'm a redneck.)
  • Why is her hair so fuzzy? Doesn't she own a brush?
  • I don't think her hair was black yesterday.
  • Could she shower before she picks her kids up? Is workout gear all she wears?
  • Would it kill her to put on a little mascara every other day?
  • Did something just fall out of that hooptie when those girls got out? 
  • That dog sits there like a human! (We've actually heard this one more than once.)
  • That's just weird that dog always sitting there like that.
  • It's like a clown car there are so many kids getting out. 
  • The principal is waving her forward again, why isn't she moving? (Because the other car is 1/4" away...)
  • Did she really just hand off shoes to that Suburban? (Yes, yes I did.)
I could probably go on and on but as Shrek says, "That'll do donkey, that'll do."

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